Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer / Catia Administrator
Repairs - Upgrades - System Builds
Microsoft Office - Exchange - Catia - Adobe - Oracle - PT3 - Mathcad - NX2
I first started building system's with an IBM 286 computer a while ago now with Dos 6 installed. Later this developed into different motherboards and hardware through the years. I came through with all the Dos 6, Windows 3.1 and NT4 Microsoft Systems.

I Started as a PC Technician in a computer repair shop in Chorley, before moving into a large Engineering Company to work as a data transfer operator.  After 12 months I moved into the IT Dept. We work closely with companies like Bae Systems, Airbus, Cessna and Rolls Royce.

The work includes backups, networking, keeping records, working on Vax equipment using anvil, Bcawd, Active Directory, Exchange, RS6000's etc.

  I have also covered sun systems, unix AIX, windows 3.1, NT4 ,Windows XP SP3, Linux, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server 
City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 Services and Repair

CATIA v5 Administration

2285 -  Installing Configuring and Administering Microsoft XP Proffesional

2273 -  Managing & Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003                                                                               


Electrical Installation Parts 1 & 2

AM1 Practical Installation

City & Guilds Stage 1 - The furthur and adult education certificate

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